Our microfiber recycling program properly reduces your environmental impact from disposable fabrics. Microscopic threads in daily items such as mops, wash-cloths, clothes, or any polyester, nylon, acrylic & other synthetic fibers interfere with life-cycles of living creatures in our oceans when not correctly thrown away. We want to resolve this destructive side-effect by recycling microfiber.

Please send us your microfibers for proper repurrposing! We accept any brand or generic form of microfiber for recyclable opportunities if you want us to handle them but do not have the capacity to sort all types for reintroduction into products yet. For our donation program we hold onto cloth to repurpose & prevent environmental harm in waterways. Biohazard materials are not safe for us to transfer and we're not equipped enough so are unacceptable textiles to send our team.

Exclusive Patents with Antimicrobial Product Protection

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