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Clean Off Smudges

Clean Off Smudges

Harmful bacteria like E. coli & MRSA commonly live on your devices. Panther cases offer a very convenient solution to this mobile crisis by infusing our recycled materials with Medical Grade™ antimicrobial agents to stop 99.99% of these pathogens from surface growth!

Fresh Protection™

Fresh Protection™

Every Panther case has a lush microfiber interior designed to easily clean your iPhone & provide 3 layers of shock-absorption for superior impact protection! Our positively-charged microfibers are engineered with positively-ionic silver compounds to therapeutically scrub off negatively-charged viruses, bacteria, dirt & smudgy screens!


How To Clean: Perfect Protection™

Unlock case. Press the back pad. Remove iPhone. Flip over 180 degrees. Scrub with the interior microfiber. Enjoy your clean device.

Panther Microfiber Cloth are machine washable & all replacement cloth come with a prepaid return envelope for our recycling program!

Buy Panther - iPhone 8 Case

$ 59.95


  • Cleans Your iPhone

    Smudge free doesn't mean clean... Panther uses polarized microfiber threads to remove the grime that collects on your screen everyday!

  • 3 Protective Layers

    Panther cases have 3 defensive layers with an impact resistant exterior shell, shock absorbent grip spine & soft padded microfiber interior!

  • Medical Grade™

    Each of the Panther case layers is infused with antimicrobial agents ensuring self-sanitization to stop 99.99% of E. coli & MRSA growth!

  • AntiViral™ Design

    Our patented cases are engineered to be safer & designed for the luxury of pristine iPhones!

  • Recycled Materials

    We use post-consumer recycled plastics to maintain fresher environments on our planet!

  • Healthcare Suppliers

    Top American hospitals use our ionized silver compounds for their antimicrobial properties!


Does the microfiber come included?

Yes, of course! Every Panther iPhone case comes with a matching Panther Microfiber Cloth to satisfy our clientele.

What quality is the microfiber?

Our soft Medical Grade™ microfiber has polarized threads 120 denier (thick) with 310 GSM of 80% polyester to 20% nylon.

Antimicrobial warranty of materials?

The antimicrobial compounds in our products are stable & infused to the elements so will last the material lifetime.