Recycle old microfiber through our Purrscription™ service program by mailing back old covers when your new accessory arrives with convenient return envelope packaging. Schedule how often you want to get fresh materials with monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or yearly deliveries.

Exclusive Patents with Antimicrobial Product Protection

Subscription Plans

Annual Purrscription™

Get 5% off your purrchase every 12 months with a minimum of 1 subscription reorder.

Semi-yearly Purrscription™

Get 10% off your purrchase every 6 months with a minimum of 1 subscription reorder.

Quarterly Purrscription™

Get 15% off your purrchase every 3 months with a minimum of 2 subscription reorders.

Monthly Purrscription™

Get 20% off your purrchase every 1 month with a minimum of 3 subsrciption reorders.